Nice to meet you!
You can call me Agnès, I'm from Prague and this is my journey.
Photography is not just about taking pictures. It's about the mood and vibes which they emanate. And that's what I try to achieve; taking photos that make you feel good.

Started as a hobby back in 2012, professionally sharpened through years working in PR and lifestyle media. Ten years later I mostly enjoy making interiors look cosy, food look irresistible and people look happy and radiant. 

Worked as a main photographer for an online Prague city guide named City Dog; cooperated with the most popular restaurants & bistros in Prague and was honoured to take portraits of many incredibly interesting people. Got published in multiple local lifestyle magazines, including Elle Decor CZ. 
At the beginning of 2022 my family & I moved to the island of Guernsey, which gave me a new inspiration. I immediately fell in love with the island, its nature, its community and its local businesses. I hope to capture the essence of this unique place and reflect its life rhythm through my photography. 

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